Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What a Joke..

Ok, so the story goes that I managed to submit my FYP report draft waaaay before the deadline that is today.. it came back, made some changes and the 2nd draft was out by Saturday night.. so all thing’s in good timing. Thank God..

Today, I got a mail from the Associate Chair of EEE in NTU and here’s what it says:

“..The School has decided to extend the deadline for submission of final reports to supervisors and moderators to 24 April 2009.. … ..you could also submit draft report at a later date (by 9 April) if you need more time. Supervisors and moderators have been informed about the above extension..”

and apparently, only the folks at EEE have it, checked with my friends from the other school, no such email.

I can’t help but laugh when I read the email. It’s just like saying, “Please don’t be too stressed, it’s only school work, we don’t need any more suicide cases..”. So apparently the word must have gotten around and now they’re probably hoping that by making this move, they’ll reduce the stress level of the students.. Haha.. tarnished reputation.. it probably just takes one more case of bad publicity and our president will prob quit his job or something.. even if he doesn’t, he probably won’t be able to climb any higher in his career.. poor chap..

Well, what they fail to realize is.. the exams start in mid April.. how the students are gonna manage BOTH the report and exams together, I’ve got no idea.. maybe they’ll push back the exams too! Heck.. just push everything back, make it a 6-year bachelor course while you’re at it.. hah.. it’s NTU anyway, anything’s possible..

NTU.. where big things happen.. =P

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