Monday, March 23, 2009

The Twip - Part I; Dawn of the Voyage

If I don’t start somewhere, I probably will never get started at all.. the journey of a thousand miles start with a first step. Well, I would guess likewise that a blog entry about my trip would have to start somewhere, somehow, else I’ll never get down to blogging about it.. so here goes.

The first thing that probably struck me hard was that I was in the airport, in the day.. as far as I can remember, I don’t exactly recall being around the airport in the day-time.. for some reason, even sending my friends off also were at night.. after dark at least.

So it’s really quite an experience roaming around the airport with all the shops still opened. Haha.. sounds quite corny but it’s a nice feeling to see the shops up and about. To see the attendants mind the shops and customers actually patronizing them. Then of course, catching a picture of the plane that I’m gonna board also feels quite different when it’s in the day.. perhaps you see more details.. or maybe it’s just the extra ambient light that makes the whole event of flying that much more cheerful..

one of the reasons why Changi comes in Tops amongst the airports of the world.. =)
Welcome onboard Jetstar flight JQ110..

Now before I rattle on and you start thinking I’m scared of daylight and haven’t been out in the sun for ages, hiding in my crypt all year round or something.. I should mention that the last time I flew overseas, on a day flight.. was more than 10 years ago.. 13 years to be exact.. since then, either 1) I’ve never really traveled on a plane, or 2) each of the four trips the army sent me overseas, were at night.. like seriously, in the dead of the night.. like maybe it’s cheaper that way perhaps. Haha..

So it’s honestly quite a refreshing experience to be boarding the plane in the daylight, to sit back and enjoy the entire take-off process (which happens to be the highlight of my plane rides, second only to jumping out of them heh..), while looking out of the window.. it’s like nothing on earth.. to feel the g-force push u into ur seat, hear the rumble of the engines, then there’s that sinking feeling as you get pushed down into ur seat just as the plane slowly begins to lift off.. miraculously, this huge big fat piece of metal somehow is able to fly.. hah. Technology. FWAH. Hah.. the little things that intrigue me sometimes.. =P

And then you stare out the window as the little cars disappear, and the buildings get tinier and the whole shoreline comes into view.. and before you know it, you’re above the clouds and there’s a certain serenity that fills the atmosphere.. it still never fails to amaze me..

And for the first time in a looooong while, I look out the window and see the wonderfully crafted pieces of art as they unfold before my eyes.. from the brilliant cloud formations below me, to the unobstructed view of the sunset cast upon the deep blue sky.. sometimes, I look at these sights and ask myself how anyone can actually behold such a work of art and tell themselves that there isn’t a Creator behind all these. It’s just unfathomable.. it’s majestic and brilliant and, in my opinion, to actually think that all these happened by chance and evolution would require more faith than believing that it was created by design.

the camera here (for once), did little justice to the immense beauty of the scene.. found out about the panoramic software a tad bit too late.. darn..

And so, that marks the awesome beginning of my trip.. a wonderful one at that.. in a couple more hours, I hit the beautiful place they call Perth. =) sweet..

Oh and what’s a twip you ask? It’s what a wabbit takes when he wides on a twain.. =P


kaiqi said...

you wah so wean, alwin!

patched-up said...

haha.. and why am i so wean? =P