Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Twip - Part VII; Fremantle Fun

Alright, so far I haven’t exactly mentioned anything much abt the shopping part of the twip. Typically, I guess perth is no Bangkok or Hong Kong with regard to the shopping aspects.. anyhow, the Fremantle Market’s quite a nice place.. very nice actually..

A short walk from the Fremantle Prison, and you’ll find yourself at the Fremantle Market.. definitely one of the main highlights in Fremantle.

Left: That’s the little entrance to the fruit section..
Right: That’s the entrance at the other end..

On the outside, it doesn’t really look much especially from the fruit section’s entrance, but once you step in, it’s pretty much like a whole new different thing inside altogether. It appears to me like a HUGE pasar-malam of sorts.

We entered from the fruit-market section and once you step in, you’re greeted by stalls and stalls selling their local produce. And mind you, these fruits are really quite something. The peaches are ridiculously sweet and so are the strawberries.. and all the fruits are surprisingly competitively priced. I mean, it probably shouldn’t be a surprise since it’s a local produce, but anything this nice and this sweet will usually fetch a hefty price back home..

Moving on further into the market, the scene changes abruptly and you enter a bazaar-like area.. with stalls selling all kinds of stuff from cooking utensils, to keychains (got me a Harley Davidson one heh..), to sunglasses (got me a case for my oakleys FINALLY), to bags and clothes, to stationeries, to knick-knacks, to food, to just-abt-everything-you-can-think-of..

the stunned emu shop really caught my attention.. it’s like SO CUTE la.. hah. And the coffee from this shop’s quite cool.. they’ve got all sorts of flavours like Chocolate Marshmallow, Chocolate Mint, Caramel Fudge and even a Jack Daniel’s one!! Sweet!

The coffee place is really quite something, you get all these nice flavours and you can pick the beans up and take a whiff if you wanted.. then once you’ve decided on which of the ridiculous amount of flavours you want, they grind it and bag it for you on the spot.. =)

What really drew me in to this place is the whole atmosphere in there.. it’s a nice chill-out feel.. you have open-concept cafés with a guy singing with his guitar, and moving around the place you see these little busker’s corner thingies.. where you can just plop urself down and start playing/singing away.. and there were actually quite some ppl doing that.. this particular girl sounded really good singing a Colbie Caillat song..

So much for the shopping part, what’s coming to Perth without trying their infamous Fish and Chips right? A 5 min drive away from the market (could have been shorter but thanks to the one-way traffic and stubborn-ness of yours truly), and you arrive at the coast, sporting a nice stretch of beach and their wharf with all the lovely seafood cafés..

there’s just something abt Perth that makes the photos turn out really well.. it’s probably the nice BRIGHT sunshine (shades are a necessity rather than a fashion statement) and the clear blue skies (thanks again to my polarizing filter) that somehow the pictures just jump out. Abit hard to get these in Singapore.. sad.

We tucked in at Kailis’ Fish Market Café.. they’ve got this little area where they serve food fast-food-restaurant styled.. and at the other corner, they’ve got this ‘market’ thing where you can pick ur seafood and all that.. really nice. It’s really quite an experience.. and especially when we were sitting outside and you see these darn seagulls hovering above you and trying to inch closer to you.. just waiting for you to step aside and they’ll share ur lunch with you..

Left: That’s the market thing.. from this..
Right: To this! Hah..

apparently, the fish and chips in perth are literally just that.. no garnishing, no salad thingy by the side, just Fish and Chips. Hah..
and those are some really good prawns and salmon.. the nice big plate of smoked salmon goes for just 12 bucks!

..all in, it’s a good place that I’ll definitely go back again if I visit perth once more.. especially for the fish.. =) and also cos the place is just huge, there are tones of shops that line the area which we just didn’t have the time to stroll by.. granted it’s a little touristy.. but u just don’t find anything like that around here.. so it’s worth every bit of time driving down there and taking in the Fremantle air.. 5 stars for this one. =)

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