Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Day of Days

This post comes to you from Bugis Junction.. happiness. With the setting sun casting a nice golden glow on my keyboard.. and the hustle and bustle of ppl going by.. while I’m just sitting here.. all relaxed.. pure bliss.

Today marks the very end of the last thing I’ll probably have to do for/with NTU. Just had my FYP presentation earlier today. Short, sweet, simple and ‘well done’.. glad it turned out fine.. and all glory to God.

The guy after me had some technical difficulties with his computer.. he couldn’t hook it up to the projector.. so being me, I of course offered to lend him my comp for his presentation.. that also meant that I’ll have to sit through his presentation.. no qualms abt it tho.. mine was done and I’m in no hurry to go off..

If there’s something I picked up abt giving presentations.. it’s all probably summed up in the time span of an hour today.. within that hour, I witnessed how I presented (of course) and how the other guy presented.. and in a nutshell, all I have to say is Confidence. As long as you’re armed with confidence to the teeth, it will show.. and u WILL convince. You don’t have to know what’s going on (I didn’t), u don’t have to know the answers to the questions (I didn’t) and u don’t have to know what the heck the lecturer’s asking (I didn’t), but as long as u’re confident and u stare at him in the eye and tell him what u feel the 'right' answer is.. it’ll come off as fact. Sad but true.. haha.. that’s probably how it works elsewhere anyway..

So much for the presentation.. it’s been a while since I walked down Bugis Street and it’s changed quite a fair bit. It looks a whole load bigger now.. with more extensions and hidden walkways.. =) it’s been a while since I’ve had time to myself to just roam around and watch life go by.. I also got me some photo paper and ink refills, so now I can go crazy with printing photos at home.. =)

then again.. it’s probably only now that the feeling’s slowly settling in. The feeling that school’s FINALLY over.. there’s REALLY no more school work left to do.. and that now I’ll finally have some time to myself.. something that I’ve been looking forward to for quite a while..

So here’s an open invitation to all.. need a kaki to just chill out with? Gimme a call.. =)

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