Friday, May 29, 2009

Show me the MONEY!

Attended the National Achiever’s Congress over the past few days, and it was really quite an eye-opener. The main speaker was Robert Kiyosaki and his team from the Rich Dad company. If you haven’t heard abt him, then u might have heard abt the book he wrote; Rich Dad Poor Dad.

So the story goes that he’s here giving a seminar with his best mates on the topic of.. yes, u guessed it.. Money, with everyone, from his Real Estate advisor to his Stock advisor to his Commodities advisor, his wife, his sister, heck, even his doctor was there.

For some strange reason, I happily attended the seminar without my camera. Not that I was gonna get a million-dollar picture taken with him, but u had to be there to witness the spectacle.. the way ppl behaved when it’s gotta do with the topic of money.

Imagine a really good picture depicting the scene here =P

To say that ppl are crazy abt money would be an understatement.. throughout the duration of the seminar, what struck me the most, and the hardest, was how keen and just how many ppl were SO interested in striking it rich and hitting it big. It’s really quite something. From the 100 metre dash to the get the ‘best seats’, to the absurdly long queues to purchase the products (which go by the $100s), it’s amazing.

On the one hand, I don’t doubt that it’s sort of a paradigm shift that he’s offering; a different take on how money should be earned/handled.. as an engineer by training, I’d definitely say that I have benefited from this crash-course in financial education.. I’ve learnt things that I probably would never know that I never knew.

But on the other hand, it just seems to me like u’re just rolling around in more debt.. that u’re ultimately creating a bigger bubble to get into.. don’t get me wrong, for all those who swear by his method, I’ll say that I’m not against it, I’m sure it works.. the fella IS rich after all, his taxes go by the millions.. I’m just saying that it’s probably not my cup of tea..

Yes I agree that money is important in the world we live in.. I agree that money has the ability to buy happiness for a select few, I agree that there are some ppl with that inner desire to be the richest chap around.. but that’s just not me..

If there’s one thing that I picked up from the seminar, it’s probably the fact that u have to align what u do with who u are.. don’t try to be/do something that’s not u. It’ll eventually just make u fold..

Find that inner peace on the thing that makes u tick, and go all out for it.

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